Department Needs

These are some of the current identified needs of the Detroit Police Department. Your support can help make them a reality!


  • Shotspotter (automatic alerting system based on audio gunshot monitoring)
  • Video surveillance infrastructure (extend beyond downtown)
  • Mobile reporting devices (eg. ipad/blackberry)
  • Wireless body cameras to record officers’ actions and interactions with citizens
  • 20 Patrol Fleet Vehicles

Officer Development

  • Simulated shooting range
  • Multi-Level Training
  • Community Policing Training

Community Relations

  • Townhall Meetings within the various neighborhoods
  • Youth mentoring programs
  • Child Violence Prevention


  • Update training facilities
  • Safety upgrades for precincts such as cameras/bullet-proof glass, etc.
  • Simulated Shooting Range
  • Mounted Police expenses (Vet bills, hay, horseshoeing)
  • K-9 Unit