Active and Safe Campaign

Mayor Dave Bing

“I encourage you to join us

  in protecting Detroit

  neighborhoods and

  demanding a better

  quality of life.”

  – Mayor Dave Bing






The Active and Safe Campaign is a $50 million effort to build public-private partnerships so that Detroit will become a safer, healthier and a more active place to live, work and visit. The Campaign brings together leaders from business, government, philanthropic and the community to provide:

  • Recreation programming and services as part of the Detroit Recreation Initiative
  • Programs, equipment and officer assistance for the Fire Department and Police Department
  • Community collaborations to support the Youth Violence Prevention Initiative and Broken Windows Policing Initiative

Detroit Recreation Initiative, part of the Active and Safe Campaign

This initiative will develop partnerships with non-government organizations to provide recreation programming and services at Detroit Recreation Centers. Starting with a community-wide effort to identify the recreation desires of Detroit residents, this public-private collaboration will work to deliver community driven recreation programs and services. Studies demonstrate that participation in activities at community recreation centers:

  • Reduce absenteeism and health care costs
  • Improve productivity at work and at school
  • Enhance cooperation and personal discipline
  • Curtail at-risk behavior by young people
  • Increase mobility by older adults

The Detroit Recreation Initiative in conjunction with the Youth Violence Prevention Initiative will bolster programs and services that have proven to reduce youth delinquency, at-risk behavior, and crime in
other cities.

Recreation Center Needs

Your support will assure that Detroit families, youth, older adults and professionals can be safe, healthy and active. Here are some of near term needs already identified for the Detroit Recreation Centers:

  • Increased programming at individual centers
  • Active and Safe passes for public safety staff
  • Sports scholarships for participation in activities and teams
  • Summer camp scholarships
  • Team sponsorship for sports such as: baseball, basketball, football, soccer, swimming, tennis, etc
  • Mentoring and summer employment opportunities for youth