Christmas tree safety: The Detroit Fire Department staged a Christmas tree
burning to educate citizens on the importance of fire safety during the holidays
at the Southwest Public Safety Center in Detroit, MI on Wednesday Dec. 11, 2012.


December 13, 2012
The Detroit Free Press
By Tammy Stables Battaglia

Fire shot up through the dried fir tree branches in seconds, sending out 15-foot high plumes of searing flame and smoke today during a demonstration by the Detroit Fire Department about Christmas tree safety.

Fire officials set up the demonstration behind the southwest Detroit firehouse that’s home to Engine 27 and Ladder 8 at 4700 W. Fort Street. Sticking a long lighter into a hole cut into the side of a 10-foot tall plywood box with one open side, a firefighter lit a Christmas tree on fire to show how fast the tree, not watered for about 10 days, would ignite.

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